Sunday, October 30, 2011

National Rural Livelihood Mission - Participate

Check out this advertisement in the 'The Hindu' daily yesterday (29.10.2011). An opportunity for experienced folks to participate directly in an initiative headed by the rural development ministry. Participating in this should give you that much needed sense of achievement.

(click on the above image for a larger version)

Read more about NRLM here

Friday, October 14, 2011

Goodbye "Booker".. Welcome "Literature"

Literature in its pure form is back in focus.

Its great to know that there are more folks that think Booker Prize is no longer living up-to its reputation. Some of the queries that I raised in a 2008 blog entry appears to be answered : The new "Literature Prize" should be something to look forward to, given the promises it appears to make.

Readers and Writers, there is still light at the other end. 

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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Why I got off Facebook.

Not sure what drove me to Facebook when I had similar result with Orkut, Ryze, Buzz .....

In case of Facebook, haven't yet figured out in the past few weeks why I need to share my status, photos on a regular basis with 'friends', to be in the active mode. I am quite reserved with anything that involves self, family and friends. On similar lines, not really interested to know the 'status' about my 'friends' either. I am not really interested to know that you are now in a hotel with your kids or on top of the mountain. Nor am I interested in your profile photo that now has a red hue. Why the heck should I 'like' it ? Its your lunch, your kids, your trip, your life - great for you mate.

Call me an introvert, but you need to ask yourself if that fellow on the 'friend' list is really your friend or just an acquaintance. Don't have a clue to what drives people into sharing stuff with these acquaintances. In my case, I just need something for maintaining acquaintance/friend contact details, which Smartr currently appear to do a job good.

It appears to be more targeted at youngsters (from schools, bachelors etc.) who are always on the lookout to prove they are doing great things to 'friends' ?

It really has not helped me with getting in back in touch either. Other than the chain-messages that you share just after you 'add'ed a 'friend', your connections slowly appear to fade out.

The amazing set of applications too are good for a one time try; gets boring after that.

Facebook has turned into a unwanted cruel addiction with no real social / other benefit. To share my thoughts online, its gonna be blogs for some more time.

Quick tea anyone ?