Thursday, June 21, 2007

In Bangalore - Live, not Survive

Everyone appears to just about survive. It appears the car drivers earn Rs3000/- per month whereas his employer usually earns anywhere between Rs50000 and Rs200000 per month. Strangely, the driver appears more in control of his life. Nearly every IT professional seems to be struggling with life and stress. Life for these fellows revolve around the work, the pay, the savings, the luxury s/he is experiencing - the house, the car. The materials.

We should have treated the work and the materials as just another part of the life. Work should have revolved around life and not the other way around. How did this happen? We, the middle class appear to be molded into the "better job" philosophy, sadly. Is this the reason no IT professional ever complains when she stays until 1am fixing the last of the previous days bugs? Don't let the work drive you - you just lost your life.

Everyone want to break free. Unless you realise that life is not all work, there is no way you could peep into the other side. Only if you start thinking & reasoning philosophically. For a start, read the Geetha in addition to the Grisham's and Dahl's. Ponder over what Geetha is trying to convey and not just its literary meaning. Dedicating yourself into one interest area should make you realize about life outside the work. Each interaction with a fellow human itself leads into more insight and by itself should be treated as an experience.

Crucially, keep the other thoughts flowing. You just might get an answer to live the life rather than just the routine surviving. That's why they said "Higher the thoughts , simpler the life"

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Barber shop in Bangalore - Would we ever rise ?

The visits to the local barber shop back in Kerala is usually an experience with the local gossips, the blaring radio and talkative barbers.

The trip to the nearest barber shop here in Bangalore had been rather a disgusting affair. If you ignore the lumps of hair lying around the shop, you might adjust to the one hour you spent there.

But, what struck me was the armpit shaves after the haircut. Its weird to watch guys dressed up in their best of denims and apparels lifting their shirts off for the barber to shave their armpits. That's Gross! What have we come to? Not sure why the barbers even do this ! Can't the barber association just decide that they would not do this henceforth ? All barbers, please respect your profession and yourself!

Compare this with the local barbers (hairstylists) abroad - you have scheduled time slots when you can visit them and they command respect for their profession. Out here, they appear to be treated like slaves.

Guys, get a disposable shave-set available off the counter at most medicals and do it yourself in the privacy of your bathrooms please!