Sunday, August 21, 2016

A layman notes on "Pinneyum" the movie.

  • Actors looking into the camera unknowingly - irritating.
  • Actors waiting/pausing for reaction - irritating.
  • Kavya as an actor - guaranteed an award.
    • Entangled in roles - Wife mother et al - all good.
  • Dileep appears to be in a learning mode - average.
  • Dileeps sister - shows potential.
  • Devi's grownup daughter - acting is so sad.
  • Job Interview, Police interrogation - average.
  • Story gaps -
    • 3 elderly people conspire in a murder including a retired teacher? what are the driving factors ? Am lost.
    • hay for burning car - seriously ?
  • What the importance of victims kid in second half - perhaps to get Devi's sympathy - hmmm.
  • Plastic surgery - its so 80s an idea for 2016.
    • Alternate stories perhaps ?
  • That boom-boom sound in the background - an irritation.
  • Recreates a lot of typical scenes and actions - rain, sound of rain, the busy wife, useless BIL - good.
  • Strong dialogues as usual touches the human heart - pains of a gulf employee, jobless husband captured - good.
  • Captures the typical observations - including the T-shirt worn by BIL/toys after Dileeps visit from gulf, the usual homes of 80s - good.
  • Movie impact - average to low.
  • Adoor definitely needs to hire one or more young assistants! We have a potential strong movie, but needs lot of scrubbing & cleaning.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

O My. What a car. (2002 Opel Corsa 1.6 Royale)

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It has been a long time since I last posted on MouthShut - For a background, my first car was a Maruti Esteem (read its review here). Have to report on my present day car, Corsa too; unfair otherwise.

Bought my Corsa around 4 years back from a colleague who had taken extraordinary care to maintain it; I definitely must have been lucky to get a second hand car in this tip-top condition. It continues to amaze me each time I hit the road.

To start off, its build is nothing like any of the entry level Indian cars (read "less than 6 lakhs kind in 2012") where pieces come loose, no nagging complaints of oil/water leaks, no loose nuts, no cheap plastic, a heavy solid body, no vibration-hell as you touch 100kmph and you don't feel tired even after a non-stop 8hr drive. The suspension does its best job in taking the Kerala roads - kudos for it.

Being the high end version of the Corsa, this car is fully loaded - alloy wheels, wind spoiler, wooden finish in dash board, quality plastic that has not yet faded and much more.

Power/Speed: @1600cc, 93bhp@5600rpm this is a solid beast that can pretty much take on most of the cars on the highway on the run and at the lights. In the last 4 years, there have been very few instances of overtakes ;). The last drive through Avinashi-Salem highway gave me goose bumps at 160kmph (and it kept asking for more). Even at these speeds, the steering, brakes and the overall cars "road-balance" /"road-grip" were in total control (not unlike my old Esteem where once you hit 110kmph, tension was in the air and the car appears to go out of control), giving you complete confidence. In the past 4 years, there has been no case of a/c-OFF-for-more-power mode which was pretty standard sequence in my old Esteem :(. An high performing a/c that does it job even in the worst of Kochi summers make sure the passenger is left cool.

I had one bad incident when a Qualis fellow crossing the main road hit Corsa directly on the left front door straight on. It appears the steel rods which runs through Corsa's left door had taken the complete impact. The front end of the Qualis (grills, air vents...) together with its engine were all piled up and seems to have considerably displaced deeper into the vehicle. I had to take its driver in my Corsa to the police station to get the acknowledgement. Felt sorrier for him - he had to tow his away. Drove my car then to Kropex; all good as new in a weeks’ time.

Maneuvering this car in the Bangalore traffic is pretty smooth - given its small width, I can pretty much get into most of the gaps and squeeze my way in, which appears to be a much required feature for cars these days in Bangalore.

Maintenance when compared to my old Maruti Esteem was way cheaper over the year. It should be noted that though the per visit charges appears to be high, over the year it is cheaper to maintain when compared to my Esteem for which the number of visits I had to make were innumerous. No issues as of today in getting spare parts - Kropex has been very helpful till date.

Petrol Efficiency - city ~10, highways ~14. Nothing much exciting to report here.

Overall a beautiful piece of German engineering that got released into the Indian market way too early. Achtung Opel/GM if they are is listening : we are more ready today - blow us out again please!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Mature enough to Learn?

Do we really think a 20yr old who has completed his 3yr graduation (say B.Sc/BA) is mature enough to absorb, appreciate, critic, comment, develop what would be taught for post-graduation studies ? Don't think so.

Suggestion : Have a compulsory break of at least 8 years before going in for a post graduation study. At this point, also include compulsory courses on humanity and humility. A holistic approach to the subject in concern is highly required at this point to create him a better educated person.


Sunday, October 30, 2011

National Rural Livelihood Mission - Participate

Check out this advertisement in the 'The Hindu' daily yesterday (29.10.2011). An opportunity for experienced folks to participate directly in an initiative headed by the rural development ministry. Participating in this should give you that much needed sense of achievement.

(click on the above image for a larger version)

Read more about NRLM here

Friday, October 14, 2011

Goodbye "Booker".. Welcome "Literature"

Literature in its pure form is back in focus.

Its great to know that there are more folks that think Booker Prize is no longer living up-to its reputation. Some of the queries that I raised in a 2008 blog entry appears to be answered : The new "Literature Prize" should be something to look forward to, given the promises it appears to make.

Readers and Writers, there is still light at the other end. 

A related Link from The Hindu

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Why I got off Facebook.

Not sure what drove me to Facebook when I had similar result with Orkut, Ryze, Buzz .....

In case of Facebook, haven't yet figured out in the past few weeks why I need to share my status, photos on a regular basis with 'friends', to be in the active mode. I am quite reserved with anything that involves self, family and friends. On similar lines, not really interested to know the 'status' about my 'friends' either. I am not really interested to know that you are now in a hotel with your kids or on top of the mountain. Nor am I interested in your profile photo that now has a red hue. Why the heck should I 'like' it ? Its your lunch, your kids, your trip, your life - great for you mate.

Call me an introvert, but you need to ask yourself if that fellow on the 'friend' list is really your friend or just an acquaintance. Don't have a clue to what drives people into sharing stuff with these acquaintances. In my case, I just need something for maintaining acquaintance/friend contact details, which Smartr currently appear to do a job good.

It appears to be more targeted at youngsters (from schools, bachelors etc.) who are always on the lookout to prove they are doing great things to 'friends' ?

It really has not helped me with getting in back in touch either. Other than the chain-messages that you share just after you 'add'ed a 'friend', your connections slowly appear to fade out.

The amazing set of applications too are good for a one time try; gets boring after that.

Facebook has turned into a unwanted cruel addiction with no real social / other benefit. To share my thoughts online, its gonna be blogs for some more time.

Quick tea anyone ?

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Reddit - the best of the month - redditor magazine

Though a frequenter at, didn't know about this magazine until now
Now you know what to do today post lunch :)

Monday, September 5, 2011

Onam @ Eenam

The team at eenam is back with this years onam compilations:

Monday, August 22, 2011

Lokpal Bill - reviewing Bill + contacting standing committee

Anyone seriously reviewing the Lokpal Bill and wanting to contact the Parliamentary standing committee should check out the related documents at Rajya Sabha portal :

Search for "Lokpal" section. The first link takes you to the bill itself while, the second link, called "press release", has the email-ids of the standing committee members where your comments/suggestions can be send to, before 3rd September 2011.

In addition to reviewing the current Lokpal bill on its own, you might want to compare this with the JanLokpal and propose the most practical / sensible options among them.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Why Anna Hazare fails to convince me.

1.) The concept of indefinite fast is good to get attention and for the concerned people to act. But, does it mean that the fast/peaceful-protest etc would continue until all the items requested are accepted by the concerned?

There appears to be some disconnect here. Assume I am convinced that capital-punishment should be enforced by the law and then start an indefinite-fast such that people take notice. Yes, it would definitely attract a set of people who think capital-punishment is right, say a crore. Does this mean the law makers should accept my terms and enforce a new bill/law ? Isn't this like twisting the arm?

India as a democratic country expects the legislative assembly, who are its people representatives to discuss, debate and finally pass any bill. The system expects that the parliament is the place where the bill would be discussed/debated out. Yes, you can definitely put your points forward through an indefinite-fast, but don't expect everything to be accepted as-is.

2.) Supporters for the bill might come from all walks of life, but it has to be noted that these people are NOT the majority of India. Population of India is around120 crore - even if 1 crore people become part of any agitation; it IS NOT THE representation of India! The representation of India as a democratic country is its elected members. From the last count, the support for Anna is in the range of thousands (6 crore mobile support supposedly)

3.) JanLokpal as a committee : After all this, if JanLokpal as an independent committee gets affected, what's the guarantee that it itself does not get corrupted ? Would we have Lokpal-Supreme committee then formed to oversee Lokpal ? Where would this end ?

3.1) Isn't this like leading to a Lokpal Dictatorship? Why do we want a parallel government to be created with so many rights?

Shouldn't we be fixing what's wrong in the current system rather than have a new committee that is above and over the parliament/judiciary ? The possible rights of JanLokpal as listed at sounds pretty dangerous.

4.) The supporters are mostly youngsters (school goers too!) who might not be capable of absorbing the intricacies of the bill and the path followed.

4.1) On a related note, wonder how many of his supporters really understand what the difference between Lokpal and JanLokpal are and what they are really supporting for ?

I think Anna has to have more constructive discussion with the government to come out with a more effective law/committee rather just sit around in a indefinite-fast and trying to break an existing powerful democratic constitution.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Culture lost

Came across this site when reading on Hindu philosophy, Mimamsa, Chattambi Swamikal et al:

A great ebook collection of spiritual,philosophical thoughts, quite a few that reflect the Kerala culture & life and that has books on Aitihyamala, Advaitha studies etc.

On a related note, its quite sad that a generation has been lost who has no clues to the idealogies, thoughts, philosophies, legends of their ancestors. I think that this 'lost' feeling applies to all other branches including science, mathematics, literature and everything else where the past seems too rich, as we dig deeper into it. Where did we loose all of it?

How do we reset, perhaps starting with the education system such that it builds upon the lost past ?

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Partnership only firms

Isnt it an exploitation of humans that they have to work for someone else for 9hrs daily ? Whatever happened to human rights ? Is salary a convincing enough reason for an employee to help the shareholder grow richer by the day while missing life ?
Where are the partnership firms ? Need a model where there are only partners-as-employee with stakes. No employer-employee.
Time to head to office.

Update 05.05.2012 : Came across at an amazingly flat structure @ Valve. Read their employee manual

Friday, March 26, 2010

Make their day today through

A great opportunity for you to help the underprivileged children today through Gift them and make their day.

Read more here :

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Chilli Chicken Andhra Style?

This tasted more or less same (better?) to the andhra style chilli chicken you get at some of the Andhra restaurants in Bangalore. Here it goes:


1.) Chicken small-medium pieces - 1 Kg
2.) Pepper powder - 1/2 tbsp
3.) Lemon - 1
4.) salt to taste (under 1/2 tbsp recommended)
5.) Onions - 5
6.) Ginger garlic paste - 2 tbsp
7.) Cloves - 3
8.) Cardamom - 2
9.) Cinnamon- 1"stick
10.) Corainder powder - 1/4 tbsp
11.) Turmeric power - 1/4 tbsp
12. ) Cooking oil - 1/2 cup
13.) Green Chilli - 10-12 - cut in length, then in half.


a.) Mix well items 1-4 (chicken, lemon juice, salt, pepper), pressure cook till the first steam in medium flame.
b.) Once cooked, open and put in the corainder & turmeric powder. Keep aside.

a.) Use the mixie to make a paste of the onion, ginger-garlic. Ground items 7,8,9 (cloves, cinnamon, corainder powder) and mix it with the onion paste.
b.) Heat the oil, put in this onion-masala paste and cook in low'est flame for 20-25 minutes with lid on, stirring occassionaly. (the idea is not to make the onions brown, but to cook in while it absorbs the masala flavor)
c.) Put in the cooked chicken into this. Stir.
d.) Mix in the cut green chilli's, stir on high flame for 2-3 minutes.
e.) Close lid, let it stay on the stove for a minute or two.

Serve hot!

Friday, February 5, 2010


Though the primary aim of the slashing the tax breaks to US firms by Obama is to make sure that the business stays within US, a possible final end result ('ExitSourcing') after all these policies are affected is that the US based firms would instead totally relocate their business offshore.

Hey Obama, no more outsourcing required - we are currently based out of India. Cheaper anyways.