Sunday, August 21, 2016

A layman notes on "Pinneyum" the movie.

  • Actors looking into the camera unknowingly - irritating.
  • Actors waiting/pausing for reaction - irritating.
  • Kavya as an actor - guaranteed an award.
    • Entangled in roles - Wife mother et al - all good.
  • Dileep appears to be in a learning mode - average.
  • Dileeps sister - shows potential.
  • Devi's grownup daughter - acting is so sad.
  • Job Interview, Police interrogation - average.
  • Story gaps -
    • 3 elderly people conspire in a murder including a retired teacher? what are the driving factors ? Am lost.
    • hay for burning car - seriously ?
  • What the importance of victims kid in second half - perhaps to get Devi's sympathy - hmmm.
  • Plastic surgery - its so 80s an idea for 2016.
    • Alternate stories perhaps ?
  • That boom-boom sound in the background - an irritation.
  • Recreates a lot of typical scenes and actions - rain, sound of rain, the busy wife, useless BIL - good.
  • Strong dialogues as usual touches the human heart - pains of a gulf employee, jobless husband captured - good.
  • Captures the typical observations - including the T-shirt worn by BIL/toys after Dileeps visit from gulf, the usual homes of 80s - good.
  • Movie impact - average to low.
  • Adoor definitely needs to hire one or more young assistants! We have a potential strong movie, but needs lot of scrubbing & cleaning.

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