Thursday, April 19, 2007

Driving in Bangalore

Just like any other Indian driver, I picked up my customary verbal fight with the taxi driver who kept blasting his tweaked up horn every fraction of the second. The audio system inside my car and the pulled up glasses did not appear to help me out this time. The usual sentences were flamed out. While for him, it appears I was not driving fast enough. Hello, I cannot fly over the tens of vehicles in front of me. Anyways, as expected both returned customarily to the car and moved on.

Driving schools appear to teach only to drive the mechanical device and use the horn. But, there is definitely a difference between 'driving' and driving.

What they should have taught:

a.) Driving Habits - Not sure how this could be taught. But, waiting for a few seconds to let the other guy go at an intersection/traffic-block will not kill you. Moreover, you would rather feel good! The same applies when you are waiting in a queue. Blasting your horn is not going to help dear. Try the old sequence of counting 1 to 10(0).

b.) Unwanted horns - I think this device could safely be removed from all vehicles. You would not need to use this thing if you are driving proper. Even if really necessary, think thrice before you use it. Maybe you adore your 'horns', but not others.

c.) Minor Accidents - Minor accidents happen all the time in the business of the city and could lead to small scratches and dents. There is no point spending the next 1/2hr trying to figure out whose mistakes it is such that the other could possibly squeeze his wallet. Again, mistakes keep happening; be brave enough to accept ..a sorry makes a big difference! Move on mate.

Everything adds up to patience and courtesy I guess. Safe drive.

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Jay said...


I completely agree. After driving a four wheeler for a couple years in Bangalore, I realized the same.