Sunday, June 10, 2007

Barber shop in Bangalore - Would we ever rise ?

The visits to the local barber shop back in Kerala is usually an experience with the local gossips, the blaring radio and talkative barbers.

The trip to the nearest barber shop here in Bangalore had been rather a disgusting affair. If you ignore the lumps of hair lying around the shop, you might adjust to the one hour you spent there.

But, what struck me was the armpit shaves after the haircut. Its weird to watch guys dressed up in their best of denims and apparels lifting their shirts off for the barber to shave their armpits. That's Gross! What have we come to? Not sure why the barbers even do this ! Can't the barber association just decide that they would not do this henceforth ? All barbers, please respect your profession and yourself!

Compare this with the local barbers (hairstylists) abroad - you have scheduled time slots when you can visit them and they command respect for their profession. Out here, they appear to be treated like slaves.

Guys, get a disposable shave-set available off the counter at most medicals and do it yourself in the privacy of your bathrooms please!