Monday, July 16, 2007

Pratibha Who?

Pratibha Patel? Tried googling for her? Try hard. Other than the various allegations and scams, you wouldn't find anything worth mentionable about her. Sadly, this lady is the UPA nominated presidential candidate. The detailed wikipedia entry too does not bring out any great achievements in her name. She appears to have been in the news for the wrong reasons all the time. Just another Indian politician with the right amount of allegations and scams; from purdah controversy, bank scam'S, murder allegation against her brother and her role in helping him out among others. Nice!

To summarise her profile, her loyalty to the Gandhi family during her half decade political career appears to have paid off more than once. Pratibha appears to have made the right political choices and has definitely climbed the political-ladder right!. The question to ask here would be - if you start your political career now, stay loyal to Sonia and other bigwigs in the lead now, have your list of successful scams, can you become the president of India in another 50yrs? Perhaps!

Have we run out of clean candidates who has had some achievements? Why would be want a candidate like Pratibha for the President's role? An office where greatest thinkers/leaders/achievers of all times like Dr.Rajendra Prasad, Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, K.R Narayan, Dr.Abdul Kalam have occupied, definitely needs a great candidate.


Ram said...

This Lady is also famous for her comments saying that she was under the influence of the Atma of a guruji who died long back and said her that she is going to have a greater responsibility on her shoulders very soon and after a day she got a call from UPA about her candidature as President. She is going to replace Abdul Kalam as president. See the fate of India.

Also few says that she was cooking everyday at Indira Gandhi's home at the time when Sanjay Gandhi was killed in a Plane accident.

So loyalty towards a family is reeping big returns.

Nitin Stephen Koshy said...

Sadly, the public is left watching.