Saturday, May 23, 2009

A human trap that works - learn it from the authorities

May 11th 2009:

Haven't seen or for that matter heard of a human trap as good as this one. The trap in concern - the 6ft deep pits dug into the median running through old madras road, Bangalore. The entire 5-6 km stretch of the median has been dug with a series of 'man holes' presumably for the electric/light poles which should soon stand tall (see pics below). The problem here being that some of these pits are precision aligned with the zebra crossing, waiting for a accident to happen for that poor pedestrian.

I was such an unfortunate pedestrian. While crossing this road in the middle of the night, running for his life from the approaching trucks and buses, thought for a moment that it was safe at the median. Alas NO! The authorities (BDA/NHAI/BBMP ?) had different plans for me. What laid straight ahead of the zebra crossing at the median was a perfect pit build to order - the entire width of the median was dug deep. I went straight in, heads et al :( . Took a moment to realize that I was 6ft deep in a hole, in the pitch of the night. Thankfully my climbing skills from teenage helped me jump back onto the road when there was no approaching vehicles. That should have been a sight for some of the car drivers - a man coming out from deep under with a laptop on his back.

Cannot imagine what would be been the situation if it was a small kid instead of me - would have remained there until another pedestrian came (fell?) through?

That medicine shop fellow at Big-Bazaar had some pity on my plight and offered water to clean up & some anti-septic for my minor bruises.

Strangely all those pits lay there as it is for further two more weeks without any warning signs before the light poles finally made its way into them. Sub kuch chaltha hai (everything goes OK) here in India.

Concerned authorities , please put up some signs at these pits the next time.

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prabs said...

You dont know Nitin, they are bunkers for public. :)

Ramakrishna said...

Sorry about that.

Am just curious..did you get any response from the authorities?

Xtrabrainz said...

Any updates on that?

I bet there weren't any response from authorities.

Nitin Stephen Koshy said...

as you guys (and I) have expected; no response yet from the concerned fellows.

Xtrabrainz said...

Hi Nithin, Howz life there?
Anil Kurup