Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Play God?

Would we be able to play God ? That is, arrange the basic infrastructure for 'life' to evolve by itself.

What if we setup an environment for the heterotrophs (believed to be first life form) to flourish ? Wonder how these would adapt and evolve to humans[?] Thinking about this, remember that thoughts for these life form itself would evolve over the decades, starting from near zero. Perhaps if we find a promising planet which could sustain life, we should transport the algae/heterotrophs and watch if Darwin's theory proves itself?

Can we setup machines and robots which can adapt, create new machines/robots and completely evolve in thoughts and its application ? We would want a basic machine which knows how to evolve, think, create new machines.

About us
Thinking further, could earth and the life surrounding it could be an experiment? In this case, the scientist who got this right could be named God.

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