Saturday, May 19, 2007

Remember those days?

The many visits from far and near, neighbours and relatives, vendors and friends is a routine familiar with most of us at our homes back in Kerala. Wonder how the next generation would get to know about the many wonderful experiences we had...from the sprawling acres to explore, the 'discoveries',the variety of mangoes, the ponds, the paddy fields, the gossips, life, the church goers, fishing, the bath by the well, the odd games we played, the explorers. Oh God, what a life we used to live.

What an experience we had - a novel. Perhaps we would return another day.

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Baliga said...

Yep, Some of the crazy stuffs that I did along with my cousin's and friends back in the "good old days" in my grand pa's village, still ignites memory from time to time. Wonder whether the new-gen yo guys will ever have such experiences? Sad, innit?